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The Ecocapsule looks like something out of a sci-fi movie but this off grid micro home is not as futuristic as it may seem. The Slovakian architectural studio Nice Architects plans to start taking pre-orders in the last quarter of the 2015 and expect to start delivering the first produced units in the first half of the 2016.

The Ecocapsule is designed as a self-contained system which is able to sustain long periods of time without external resources.  Something in terms of a Swiss-army knife –It packs everything you need.

The Ecocapsule’s dual power system contains high efficiency solar cells and a silent wind turbine that allows bypass periods without sufficient sunlight or wind. The produced energy is stored in the batteries to power all onboard systems. A thick layer of efficient thermal insulation and energy recuperation reduces thermal losses significantly. The round shape makes it easier to collect rain water and series of membrane filters makes it possible to use water from any natural water source. Bio waste is collected in the composting toilet.

The next step in the development is an electrically powered incineration unit. Heat from the incineration will be used for heating. Manual water pumps have been installed to serve as a backup system in the unlikely case that the battery depletes.

The Ecocapsule is optimized for easy transportation. It can fit into a standard shipping container, which means you can ship it globally. The mobility of the Capsule can be extended via additional undercarriage which will turn Ecocapsule to the fully functioning caravan.

The possibilities for the Ecocapsule are almost endless. It can serve as cottage, pop-up hotel or even as charging station for electric cars. It can be used as an urban dwelling for singles in high-rent, high-income areas like NY or Silicone valley, where it can be placed on the rooftop or a vacant parking lot and substitute a studio for a longer period of time. The capsule can also quickly be shipped and used as housing for emergency teams in rapid response situations where infrastructure is damaged e.g. earthquake. The Capsule can serve here as a small power plant and water filtration unit.